Mediocre Gay

When you grow up gay in a small town in nineties-Kent, it is easy to think that your sexuality is the reason you don’t fit in. You dream of what life will be like when you grow up, run away to the big city and find your people. You will finally know what it’s like to be normal. Hell, maybe you’ll even be popular.

But what happens when you make that journey – literally and metaphorically – and, shock horror, find that you still don’t fit in? Maybe your sexuality wasn’t the reason you felt left out at all? What then?

In his debut solo show, stand-up comedian, David Ian explores the expectations of being a gay man and how he struggles to meet them, the disappointment of never quite knowing where the party is and if you will ever truly belong. How can you be both too gay and not gay enough at the same time?

Expect witty one-liners and intelligent jokes woven into heartwarming storytelling in this 60 minute romp through one gay man’s journey to be the best little boy in the world that will make you laugh, think and reflect on your own sense of belonging.


London, The Camden Fringe

Aces & Eights

16th  August


London, The Camden Fringe

Aces & Eights

17th  August


Ludlow Pride

The Change Thai Bar & Garden

23rd  August


London, The Camden Fringe

Aces & Eights

27th  August


Watford, The Watford Fringe

Colne River Studio, Pump House Theatre

30th  September



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